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ROSS WRIGHT's artworks were chronicled in Adam Cohen's book on Ebay History "The Perfect Store, Inside Ebay" (published 2002 by LITTLE BROWN isbn 0-316-15048-7) .

Own a real part of Ebay art history!

In that book Ross' artwork is called "primitive" and "other-worldly", and Adam writes that Ross is a "self declared Ebay rogue" and a "onetime punk rocker from California". Ross put his first drawing up for auction on Sept 6th, 1999. And that drawing was a part of eBay history, as told in this book.

Ross and his artwork are also discussed in Alfred Sikes, book: "Fast Forward: America's Leading Experts Reveal How the Internet Is Changing Your Life" (published 2000 by William Morrow isbn 0-380-97828-8)

Here's some scans of the types of artwork that I do and sell.

Paintings on wood:

Christmas Tree

Joseph Smith's Vision

Future Love

Drawings on paper:

Human Kidney For Sale

Jesus and Paul On The Damascus Road

Pear Meteor Still Life with Lake

Art inspired by Jeff Buckley:

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